AILO is a single focus organisation.

That focus is on championing the interests of life assurance companies and
associated industries who operate across borders within the EU Single Market
and internationally, world-wide.

Why is AILO called AILO?

The “Association of International Life Offices” describes the original composition
of AILO when it was established in 1987.  A ‘life office’ is a rather old-fashioned industry term that was widely used in the British Isles and refers to a company dealing in life insurance.

These days AILO has a far wider scope and, whilst many of its Members still represent insurance companies, a large number of Members are from supporting industries such as technology, fund management and service providers.

AILO also has affiliate relationships with like-minded organisations in the financial services industry.

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A unique international trade organisation

What does AILO do?

AILO is a unique trade organisation, representing and promoting the cross-border life insurance and wealth management industry. AILO was formed in 1987 by a number of companies providing insurance and investment services in many areas of the world.

The founding Members recognised the vast potential of the international opportunity and its parallel development in the European Single Market, as well as the need for the emerging industry to have a framework of communication, standards and representation.


Several decades after its inception AILO has built on its founding aims and has three areas of focus, or ‘pillars’, which it uses to address today’s challenges.


We help to develop knowledge within our membership and externally, to ensure the cross-border market is understood by those in the wider industry and to help develop best practice amongst our Members and
the industry.


AILO has developed strong links with regulators and law makers, providing us with the opportunity to influence the way the industry develops
and how it is perceived.


We provide statistical and other data to help Members develop strategy to support their key activities and projects.

AILO’s Objectives

  • To facilitate the representation of its Members’ interests to governments, law makers and regulators
  • To influence proposed legislation through membership of Expert Groups and by commenting on new legislation
  • To provide a forum for discussion and the sharing of knowledge amongst its Members
  • To encourage the integrity and professionalism of its Members
  • To enable its Members to meet consumers’ needs through innovation and market development