The AILO AGM saw the following members stand down from the Management Committee having served their term:

Mark Armstrong (Prudential International) – Immediate Past Chair
Dara Hurley
(Octium) – Members’ Representative: Ireland
Inge De Wolf (Swiss Life) – Members’ Representative: Luxembourg

John McNamara, AILO Chair, extended thanks on behalf of AILO Members and the Management Committee for their valuable contribution during their term and hoped they would continue to be involved with AILO in the future.

The following members were nominated and elected to serve on the Management Committee:

Joanna Bayle-Kiernan (Fidelity International) – Deputy Chair
Nicky Vincent
(Canada Life International) – Members’ Representative: Isle of Man
Sanjeev Kopan (Standard Life) – Members’ Representative: Ireland
Stephan Moltzen (YouPlus AG) – Members’ Representative: Liechtenstein

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