Great response to eLearning module on vulnerability

We’re seeing a great response to our latest eLearning module about vulnerability and vulnerable customers.

It is designed to help all employees of AILO Members to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of our Vulnerability Code of Conduct (launched in May this year) and the behaviours Members should be adopting in order to abide with it. Created by Mike Foxall (QB Partners, and Chair of AILO’s Proposition & Customer Outcomes Committee), Simon Willoughby (Acuity – an AILO Associate Member), and Les Foster (People Governance – the company that created and hosts our eLearning portal), the module refers to FCA Guidance on the Treatment of Vulnerable Customers, MiFID guidelines, and other relevant regulatory developments in Europe.


AILO CEO Bob Pain said: “This module builds on the excellent work that has been done by our Proposition & Customer Outcomes Committee to create the Vulnerability Code of Conduct. In a world where every single one of us could be vulnerable tomorrow, we must be committed to protecting and supporting those who are vulnerable today – that’s why helping our Members to follow best practice on this issue is so important. Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to complete the module, and to Mike, Simon and Les for making it happen.”


AILO’s Vulnerability Code of Conduct Code (which is published in full here) includes a set of principles, plus a list of actions, processes and behaviours. It is a guide that helps Members to evolve strong and consistent behaviours and enable firms to deal confidently with customer vulnerability.


Click here for more information about the work that went into creating the Code.