Expanding on the success of delivering over 5,000 modules since the AILO eLearning platform was first launched in January 2020, the AILO Navigate Series has been developed in response to Member requests for eLearning opportunities that meet the training requirements in the Insurance Distribution Directive (‘IDD’) and related legislation.

It builds on the original AILO eLearning programme and has the stated objectives of ‘guiding you through the complexities of the life insurance market’ to provide a detailed view of the cross-border life insurance, pensions and wealth management sectors. AILO Navigate 1 is the first of an annual delivery of new eLearning content.

AILO Navigate 1 consists of 15 one-hour modules that aim to demystify the life sector by delivering information in an accessible form that gradually reveals the ‘mysteries’ of the industry in a way that’s engaging and allows individuals to move through each module at a pace they can control. One hours’ CPD accreditation comes with the successful completion of each of the 15 modules.

The AILO Navigate Series takes the view that aspects of the life sector can be complex, but it should be possible for everybody who works in the sector to be able to gain a firm grasp of how it all works. AILO Navigate 2, currently in production and due for release in early 2024, will provide a series of practical case studies and problem-solving exercises that build on AILO Navigate 1. This will allow individuals to demonstrate their understanding and application of the IDD and related legislation.

AILO Navigate 1 is available now and is free of charge to everyone employed by an AILO Member firm via the AILO eLearning website. Simply log on to your AILO eLearning account or, for more information,  download the AILO eLearning Navigate 1 guide from the document library

If you have any questions, please email the user support team at elearning-support@ailo.org