We’re delighted to announce that Natasha Cochrane of Zurich International is our new Champions’ Champion. Taking the reins from Joanna Bayle-Kiernan (Fidelity International) and Charlotte Barham (formerly Utmost Group) who previously led the group, Natasha commented:

“I’m really looking forward to this exciting opportunity and to working more closely with the Champions.
As an industry, we are facing tremendous change whether it’s the ever-growing rate of digitisation or the shift in customer behaviours and expectations as a result of that change. I see AILO as a way for us to come together as industry professionals, to share best practice, share learnings and most importantly, to support one another.
As AILO Champions, we have an opportunity to influence the future of our industry and for me, that is an inspiring thought and one that I hope you share too!”

Welcome Natasha! We’re really looking forward to working with you!

Natasha Cochrane
AILO Champions’ Champion

AILO Champions are key members of the AILO family, acting as a link between AILO and colleagues in Member firms, promoting AILO’s activities and benefits and, most importantly, helping to shape and influence the activities and direction of the Association for the benefit of the industry as a whole. AILO Champions have the opportunity to raise their profile within the Member firm they work for and to build and maintain a strong professional network. If you’re inspired by this opportunity and keen to become an AILO Champion, contact secretary@ailo.org